Battle for talent: the public sector view

Battle for talent: the public sector view

01st December 2022

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The public sector has evolved.


Technology has had a seismic impact on the ways organisations can work. And it’s also reshaped what employees expect from their employers.


An increasingly empowered talent pool now expects the freedom to work how, when, and where they want. Retaining this talent will take a cultural transformation, as employers rethink what tools and training they offer to empower their employees.


To understand how organisations can meet growing employee expectations, we partnered with Census wide to survey 1,500 private and public sector employees and identify how technology is unlocking opportunities to attract and retain talent.


We found that employees understand their value more than ever before, know what tools they need to work, and are more willing to vote with their feet if their employers can’t offer them the right solutions.


In our new public sector focused report, we explore:


  • What these findings mean
  • Why long-term digital transformation is essential
  • How the right investment can help your organisation win in the battle for talent.


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