About us

Why we’ve come together

Two great brands. Two powerful networks.

Virgin Media Business and O2 Business joined forces on 1 June 2021 to create a customer-first organisation that brings mobile and fixed connectivity services together in one place.


Our mission is clear: to upgrade the UK.


Today's customers expect more

Running a business today is very different to how it was a few years ago. It’s no longer enough to just ‘do business’. Customers now expect more. They want you to ‘do good’ at the same time.


Ways of working have changed too. People are blending time at home with time at the office and on the move. So organisations need secure, reliable connectivity whenever and wherever it’s needed.


Our combined networks can better connect you. Over the next five years, Virgin Media O2 is investing £10billion in our fixed and mobile networks to bring businesses like yours next generation connectivity.

About us

We're doing things differently

Digital transformation progress during the pandemic was significant. Yet demand from citizens, customers and employees shows no signs of slowing. Continuing with investment in tech and training is vital if the public and private sectors are to meet rising expectations.


But in the current economic climate balancing it all is going to be hard.

We're here to make it easier.


We're ready to help you:

Challenge more

Challenge more

We’ll ensure our relationship works for you and delivers maximum efficiency, value and unrivalled commitment. We’ll help you rise to the challenge of balancing your business goals, digital ambitions, ESG commitments with today’s economic headwinds.

Achieve more

Achieve more

We’re reimagining what connectivity can do, so you can deliver better customer and employee experiences. We can help you make smart tech investment choices, so your business can achieve more and keep moving forward even during adverse times.

Share more

Share more

We can help you better realise the true value of ESG on your bottom line. Sharing more can not only help deliver the changes needed in wider society, it can also be your secret weapon in attracting and retaining talent for your business.


Why choose us for your business?

With Virgin Media O2 Business, you can get all your broadband and mobile connectivity needs met, across multiple locations. All from one trusted supplier.


We take flexibility to the next level from automatic roll-overs, flex data up/down and sharer tariffs, to usage-based and shared risk-rewards arrangements; we work with you to provide the flexibility that’s best for your business and budget.


We provide free digital consultations to understand your business needs and tailor recommendations to suit. And we offer a wide range of products to choose from and expert technical support to get you up to speed quickly.


If you're a large enterprise or public sector customer, we even make a customer promise to go beyond your connectivity goals and help you achieve your desired business outcomes. Whether that’s delivering more digital services for your customers, or making better use of data without losing sleep over cybersecurity.


Select your business type and find out how we can support you

11-249 employees

250+ employees


What you can expect from us

Whether you’re in the public or private sector, we are totally committed to being your trusted digital partner and delivering your success. We’re putting our customers, your customers, and the wider community first by continually reimagining what can be achieved through connectivity.


With Virgin Media O2 Business, you can expect more.