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Digital skills and confidence for everyday life

Whether it’s buying a train ticket, booking a doctor’s appointment or staying in touch with friends; the internet and technology have transformed our lives. It’s a digital world these days, but the digital divide is wide.


At Virgin Media O2 Business, we’re on a mission to give everyone the digital confidence they need so that no one is excluded from our increasingly digital society.


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“The initiative by Virgin Media O2 Business is both on trend and unusual. Nearly all service providers in the UK offer their staff volunteering days, but this is more focused than many ‘me too’ digital inclusion announcements.”


“Being a good corporate citizen is now seen as a key element of corporate behaviour and strategy, so offering substantial volunteering support for UK local authorities and the public sector makes sense… Digital skills support initiatives are key elements of ESG. Virgin Media O2 Business’ approach looks to differentiate itself in this market.”


GlobalData: Virgin Media O2 Business Targets the Public Sector to Address the Digital Divide as a Differentiator, Robert Pritchard, Nov 2022


Why tackling the digital divide matters

With more than 5 million Brits unable to carry out simple online tasks like sending emails or using the internet, new research from Virgin Media O2 and economic modelling from Cebr reveals UK workers are missing out on additional earnings of £5.69 billion due to a lack of digital skills.

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Discover more key findings about the digital divide and how the Connect More Programme is helping to bridge the gap in our infographic


*Research based on economic analysis from Cebr who constructed a Digital Skills Index from an online survey run by 3Gem of 3,000 participants across the UK around people’s digital skills.


How does the programme work?

“The initiative is so important to spread digital inclusion and
ensure nobody gets left behind in an increasingly digital world”

Louis, volunteer from Reading


Virgin Media O2 Business’ Connect More programme is delivered by our staff volunteers who share their time to build digital skills and confidence, working alongside our public sector customers and community organisations. Every one of our employees can take 5 volunteering days a year, and all complete digital champions training to be well-equipped to help through drop-in sessions or workshops.


After a successful pilot with Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) in 2022, our Connect More programme has grown to seven other locations across the UK. To learn more about our programme one year on and see it in action, watch the video.


“If Greater Manchester is truly going to be a world leading digital city region, we have to make a big commitment to fix the digital divide, the consequences of not doing so are severe – with our people at risk of further social isolation, lack of equal opportunities and not being able to access support. We are ensuring that everyone in Greater Manchester, whatever their age, location or situation, can benefit from the opportunities digital brings. Now is the time where Greater Manchester can lead the way in achieving an ambition that we should all strive for country wide. Collaboration is integral to what we do and tackling digital exclusion through Virgin Media O2 Business' Connect More Programme supports our objective of becoming recognised as a world leading digital city-region in a way that puts our people first.”

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham

Virgin Media O2 Business employee volunteer helping to tackle digital exclusion in Greater Manchester

Virgin Media O2 Business employee volunteer helping to tackle digital exclusion in Greater Manchester


What have we achieved so far?

657.25 hours

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