Medium businesses: Fuelling the UK’s economic engine

Medium-sized businesses play a crucial role in the UK economy. Employing over 7.5 million people and turning over almost £1.4 trillion a year; they run our high streets, build our homes, and keep us all connected and online.


Yet they’re operating in difficult economic circumstances, with businesses facing rising costs and a looming recession. For medium businesses to thrive, they need more support to achieve their goals.


We surveyed 1,000 medium business leaders to better understand what challenges they’re facing and what will help them succeed. We discovered that when it comes to driving medium business growth, technology is the key to success.


In our new report, we explore our findings and share stories from medium businesses who have used tech to improve customer and employee experience.


“When you look at medium businesses, we might not always make the biggest, headline grabbing strides, but collectively we're the backbone of the UK economy.”


Lynsey Barron, CEO, Volume Innovate


Key findings

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How medium-sized businesses are gearing up for successful digital transformation

Our recent research with Census wide revealed that 65% of medium business leaders see tech as the biggest driver of growth.


Catherine Amran, Director of Small and Medium Business, explores how tech is helping medium-sized organisations overcome challenges and drive their business ambitions forward.

How medium-sized businesses are gearing up for successful digital transformation

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