Key findings of the Censuswide report



of public sector decision-makers say existing tech is hindering their organisation




of public sector employees use digital tools to their full potential




of organisations have difficulty integrating new technology with existing systems



of healthcare organisations have outdated software or hardware


of healthcare organisations are slowed down by weak network bandwidth



of policing services said inefficient tech was an issue


of policing services lack support from suppliers and partners


Technology is meant to empower workforces, create better citizen experiences and redefine workplace processes to save time and money. But you don't have to spend vast amounts of money to be more efficient.


Often using the tools you already have to their full potential is all it takes to turn your fortunes around. And with costs on the rise and a volatile economy, public sector organisations are always looking at ways they can achieve more with what they already have.


By partnering with Censuswide to survey decision makers and senior management, we were able to gather learnings from some UK organisations.


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