Virgin Media O2 ‘Carbon Calculator’
Terms and Conditions

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These terms and conditions are in addition to:


  • the standard terms and conditions that form part of your agreement for Virgin Media Business Limited (“Virgin Media”) services.
  • the standard terms and conditions of your agreement for your eligible Telefonica UK Limited (“O2”) services.

Please read through these terms carefully.


The following terms and conditions govern the ‘Carbon Calculator’ proposition and only form a part of your Virgin Media Business Limited and Telefonica UK Limited (together, “Virgin Media O2”) customer contract where the Eligibility Criteria are met, and a Qualifying Order is made.


Please note:


  • Separate contracts apply to your Virgin Media Business services and the O2 mobile services and you will be billed separately for these services
  • Your contract for Virgin Media Business services is with Virgin Media; and
  • Your contract for your eligible O2 mobile tariff is with O2.

For customers who have had their Carbon Calculator benefit request accepted, Virgin Media O2 reserves the right to change or withdraw the Carbon Calculator Terms and Conditions in accordance with the Virgin Media and O2 Standard Terms and Conditions. Otherwise, this offering may be withdrawn at any time.


A. Eligibility Criteria for the Carbon Calculator

  1. In order to benefit from the Carbon Calculator you must satisfy the eligibility criteria set out in this Section A (the “Eligibility Criteria”).
  2. Customer Status: to benefit from the Carbon Calculator you must be an existing Virgin Media O2 customer, who has a valid and lawful agreement with either Virgin Media or O2 of either one of more of the Eligible Services.
  3. Eligible Products and Services: for the purposes of the Carbon Calculator:
        a) “Eligible Service” means those of its business mobile, data or voice services, packages or bundles that Virgin Media O2 may (in its sole discretion) determine to be eligible for the Carbon Calculator. As at 25 September 2023, the Eligible Business Services include:
    The Virgin Media services, marketed as:
            i. SD-WAN;
    The O2 services, marketed as:
            i. Mobile Tariffs, including data plans or voice tariffs either separately or in combination.

    Virgin Media O2 may (at its sole discretion) update, change or withdraw certain services, packages or bundles from the Eligible Services without prior notice to customers. Any update or change to the Eligible Services shall not affect any customer or service that has already received made a valid claim as at the date of such change.
  4. All orders by new or existing Virgin Media O2 customers for an Eligible Service that are accepted by Virgin Media O2 (a Qualifying Order) shall be subject to the Standard Terms.

B. What is the Carbon Calculator and how can you get the benefits?

  1. The Carbon Calculator is an environmental initiative by Virgin Media O2 to help its customers to view the estimated carbon footprint of an Eligible Service through the Carbon Calculator report.
  2. In order to claim the Virgin Media O2 Carbon Calculator, customers meeting the Eligibility Criteria must contact Customer Services or their dedicated account manager and request your Eligible Service be made eligible for the benefit. Virgin Media O2 shall use its reasonable endeavours to apply the Carbon Calculator benefits as soon as reasonably possible following your request and Virgin Media O2 validation that the Eligibility Criteria have been satisfied.
  3. If we remove your Carbon Calculator benefit in accordance with our sole discretion, your Eligible Service shall continue and your minimum period will be unaffected. Your Eligible Service is entirely unaffected by the cancellation of the Carbon Calculator.

  4. Carbon Calculator report

  5. Virgin Media O2 provides connectivity solutions to large enterprise, public sector and other businesses in the UK. Business customers are increasingly requesting information related to product-specific carbon emissions being sold by Virgin Media O2, and public sector customers are increasingly requesting contract-specific carbon emissions following the implementation of the Social Value Act in the UK.
  6. If you satisfy the Eligibility Criteria, you will be eligible to receive a Carbon Calculator report which will estimate the cradle-to-grave emissions of your Eligible Service.
  7. The Carbon Calculator is built using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Standard. The tool has a variable input section in which contract-specific information tailors the results to each customer. The tool is built using primary and secondary data, in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Standard. This model has been certified by the Carbon Trust as conforming to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Lifecycle Standard. Model results do not constitute a certified product footprint.
  8. The results within the Carbon Calculator report provide an estimate of the carbon emissions generated as a result of the specifications of the contract agreed between the customer and Virgin Media O2, otherwise known as a cradle-to-grave assessment of the specified or expected contract with Virgin Media O2, except where otherwise excluded on the basis of materiality (described in Appendix B) (the “Purpose”).
  9. The Carbon Calculator report also displays the results as the cradle-to-grave assessment of the specified contract with Virgin Media O2 for use in customer corporate reporting. These results provide the carbon emissions for all life cycle stages excluding carbon emissions that result from use of energy on customer sites or in employee homes, as well as waste generated as a result of using these products. These are excluded to avoid double counting carbon emissions derived from energy use on customer sites that would already be accounted for in a customer’s Scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint.
  10. The Carbon Calculator report is subject to availability and Virgin Media O2 serviceability and eligibility checks. No cash or other alternatives will be provided where such add-on(s) are not available or a customer is unable to receive them.

C. General

  1. The offer only applies where there is sufficient capacity on the Virgin Media O2 network. All Qualifying Orders subject to survey and serviceability checks.
  2. Incomplete benefit requests or applications that are not in accordance with these terms, fail to meet the Eligibility Criteria or the benefit request instructions will be rejected.
  3. Virgin Media O2 reserves the right to withdraw this proposition at any time and without notice, or to refuse any order where it thinks you or any order does not qualify. In the event of any dispute the decision of Virgin Media O2 is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
  4. Offer valid on all Qualifying Orders placed by you at any time on or after 12:01am on [start date] and, in respect of customers with existing Qualifying Orders, on all requests made by you by you at any time on or after 12:01am on [date] and that satisfy the Eligibility Criteria.
  5. The Carbon Calculator report is provided on an “as is” basis for the exclusive use of the customer for the Purpose. It is prepared using information provided by the customer, partners, and results are gained using resources and tools developed through Virgin Media O2 collaboration with Carbon Trust to provide the Carbon Calculator report, which is an estimate of the carbon emissions related to the Eligible Service . While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information relied on in producing the Carbon Calculator report, Virgin Media O2 accepts no responsibility for any matter dealt with therein, nor guarantee in relation to the information relied on in any conclusion expressed or implied therein. Virgin Media O2 will not be liable for any loss (including, without limitation, indirect, special or consequential loss or loss of profits), expense or damage which is suffered or sustained (whether or not arising from any person’s negligence) in connection with this promotion, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law (including personal injury, death and fraud) in which case that liability is limited to the minimum allowable by law.
  6. Virgin Media O2 decision is final with regard to all promotional matters.
  7. By participating in the proposition and requesting your Virgin Media O2 Carbon Calculator benefit, you will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms. These terms prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials. Entry and claim instructions are deemed to form part of the promotional terms.
  8. Data Protection: By participating in the Carbon Calculator, you consent to the transfer of your, or your employee’s, personal data to Virgin Media O2 and the use of their personal data for the purposes of the administration of this promotion and any other purposes to which you have consented. Your, and your employee’s, personal details will at all times be kept in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which can be found here: Privacy Policy | Virgin Media Business.
  9. These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

D. Appendix

Wherever possible, the Virgin Media O2 Carbon Calculator uses primary data to model the expected greenhouse gas emissions specific to this contract. However, due to some data limitations, a number of assumptions have been used to inform calculations in some areas. The full list of assumptions have been included in the methodology document that is available upon request.