SD-WAN cloud-based network

Embrace the future of fixed-location connectivity for healthcare organisations


Legacy systems and outdated underlying technologies are at odds with a future-fit NHS. Robust and reliable connectivity and a modern network infrastructure are crucial.


‘If there’s an outage then people can’t get to A&E. They can’t discharge or admit patients. You can’t get test results. It comes to a grinding halt.’

Head of Digital Service Delivery, NHS


What is SD-WAN?

A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a cloud-based solution for secure and integrated connectivity. It allows you to directly connect to the cloud from any location without having to pass through traditional infrastructure.


Your employees are closer to the apps and data they need. Your apps will perform better. It’s a fundamental enabler to delivering high-quality care and patient outcomes.

‘This is something everyone should hang their coats on as basic infrastructure.’

Technical Architect, NHS


‘We needed better resilience and a better design whereby we could give clinicians faster access to data. But it must be secure by design too.’

Head of Digital Service Delivery, NHS


Real-life benefits of SD-WAN to NHS trusts

Five NHS leaders shared their experiences of SD-WAN with us.1 Here’s what they’re seeing:

Provide a more reliable service to
patients and use more innovative tech


more available bandwidth

Make your systems more resilient to cyber threats across all sites


more network visibility

Identify faults before they cause problems for staff and patients


less time troubleshooting issues

Get on with caring for patients while your IT team focus on priorities like security


more consistent security policies

Make your systems more resilient to cyber threats across all sites


less unplanned downtime

Increase staff productivity and uninterrupted patient services


fewer security incidents

Protect patients’ data more effectively and get peace of mind


SD-WAN can help cut costs

NHS leaders we talked to revealed the following cost savings from implementing SD-WAN:1



annual saving from switching to SD-WAN from MPLS


(Based on an NHS Trust with 47 sites, 334,000 registered patients, and average connectivity requirements)



annual saving on
security incidents


(Based on time taken to resolve four security incidents a year at an NHS Trust)

‘My managed SD-WAN costs are 40% cheaper than my old VPN costs, just on rental alone… it’s cost negative. I’m literally saving money at every single site.’

Chief Technology Officer, NHS


Why choose us for SD-WAN?

We have extensive experience of managing SD-WAN for NHS organisations and empowering IT teams. We’ll start small to make sure everything’s working before rolling out fully, giving you extra reassurance that patient data is safe and frontline staff are uninterrupted.


If you’d like us to do the heavy lifting, we offer managed SD-WAN services. Our solutions are flexible to suit your budget and needs, and we can support with dual running costs during transition.


Need advice on navigating digital transformation? We can help you unlock more return on investment from new technology.


Outsource the complexity and risk to us. Free up your teams to get on with the NHS work that really matters.


Want to know more?

Call us today to hear more about how our SD-WAN services
can help you to create an NHS that is fit for the future.
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1. Figures are derived from interviews with five current NHS employees in October/November 2023. Whilst names and specific NHS trusts are anonymous, the role profiles included Chief Technology Officer, Head of Digital Service Delivery, Head of IT Infrastructure & Architecture, Technical Architect, and Head of Information & Business Intelligence. Figures are an average from the interview responses (where interviewees provided figures). Savings figures are indicative only and may vary based on context.