How digital technology is supporting the health sector post Covid-19

How digital technology is supporting the health sector’s bounce-back from Covid-19

01st November 2021

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The pandemic accelerated digital transformation in the UK’s health sector by more than four years, according to our latest report with the Centre for Economics and Business Research.


And all that innovation has significantly boosted patient satisfaction, employee productivity and employee satisfaction, potentially adding £53 billion to UK GDP by 2040 if the current pace of change continues.


But what does all this mean for you and your organisation? And how can you make the most of the digital opportunities ahead?


We’ve created this health sector-focused report to help you answer these questions and more.


You’ll learn:


  • Which digital technologies the health sector has been investing in and why
  • How hybrid working is creating better work/life balance and relieving pressure on the NHS
  • How new digital services are helping to deliver better patient care, and what those services are
  • How smarter use of data is creating a better connected, more unified health sector