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Your guide to the big analogue switch-off

What you need to know about the changes happening to the UK telephony network and how it’ll change the way you do business for the better.


Why is the UK phone network changing?

We no longer live in an analogue world of cables and wires. These days, we’re all about smartphones, wifi and bluetooth connectivity. The old UK phone network is giving way to a more digital way of living – one that will keep up with the modern world.


What does this mean?

Telephone technology is being brought up to date by moving everyone over to digital and shutting down connections to outdated analogue devices. This is good news for businesses as telephone lines are becoming less reliable and efficient than digital tech is. Digitisation, hybrid working and sustainability all are easier when you’ve got the high-speed, streamlined service that digital connectivity brings.


What happens now?

OK, here’s the techy stuff: Phone companies across the world are moving from analogue to digital. TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) analogue phone services and the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) are being replaced by an IP (Internet Protocol) system. This means that organisations will need to take a look at their technology and make changes to ensure everything is digital. This could be a great opportunity, but you have to take action now so that your organisation won’t be disrupted.


"Organisations must realise that any analogue infrastructure will become obsolete. That’s a big deal when you consider core business functions, such as internet and phone lines; not to mention the effect on revenue and customer satisfaction. In the public sector, people’s lives could be affected if action is delayed."

David Christie

Senior Regulatory Specialist at Virgin Media O2 Business

Can the analogue switch-off be good for my business?

Absolutely! It can help:


  • Speed up your digital transformation.
  • Make hybrid working easier.
  • Futureproof your infrastructure.
  • Make it easier for your organisation to be sustainable.

Everything you need to know in one place

The big analogue switch-off is already underway, so you need to get clued-up, fast. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. Our essential guide tells you all you need to know: from the exact steps you urgently need to take, to the endless opportunities that a digital network provides.

Everything you need to know in one place

What you’ll learn in our guide:

  • All the ins and outs of what’s happening and why the old network is being switched off.
  • Why the changes could have a huge impact on your organisation.
  • How to embrace the switch and benefit from new opportunities.
  • How Virgin Media O2 Business can help you connect, secure and empower your people.

Analogue switch-off FAQs

Burning questions about the switch-off? This FAQ page will help you out.


The age of digital voice for organisations is approaching

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Plan it, execute it, change it

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