Connect, protect and
empower your business
to achieve more

Turn on the power of more

By providing ultrafast secure connectivity and putting the right tools in people’s hands, organisations like yours can connect, protect and empower every team to achieve more when working from home, in the office or on the go.

Achieve more from your connectivity

Connect everything

42% of potential employees prefer hybrid working. We make sure you can meet all your broadband and mobile needs, across multiple locations, with one trusted supplier and a wide range of products and technical support.

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Protect everywhere

95% of workloads will be in the public cloud by 2025. We give you the right tools and safeguards to ensure your people can do their job safely and securely, without putting sensitive data at risk, wherever they choose to spend their day.


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Expect more from security
Empower everyone to achieve more

Empower everyone

78% of employees see better work/life balance as a priority. By helping your people communicate easily on any device, wherever they are, we give them the power to work together seamlessly at home, in the office or anywhere else.

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Microsoft teams

Make hybrid working work

We are joining up new technology and existing infrastructure seamlessly and securely.

Using tools that integrate into existing services like Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and Slack, helping you optimise your current setup and get more done.

Our guide to hybrid working success gives you five practical steps for better hybrid working and answers the following questions:

  • How do you get hybrid working right?
  • Why do you need a long-term hybrid working strategy now and what should that look like?
  • What are the potential benefits for those who make a success of it?

Four reasons to move your connectivity to the cloud


1. Improve your employee experience

Boost the performance of your workplace technologies with a network that’s more efficient and flexible than traditional IT infrastructure, enabling your employees to be productive and effective wherever they are without ever slowing them down.


2. Deliver more digital services

Create a consistently brilliant customer experience by ensuring you can support new digital applications and prioritise them based on current needs, while storing the growing amount of data from those applications in a secure and easily accessible way.


3. Make better use of data

Store data in a more efficient way so you only ever pay for what you need and can easily scale up or down with demand, while using data backup and disaster recovery to ensure there’s no risk of disruption to business as usual.


4. Never lose sleep over cybersecurity

Allow people to access applications from anywhere without putting your sensitive data at risk, with a cloud-based ‘zero trust’ approach to cybersecurity that protects every possible touch point from attack no matter how or where people are working.


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