ESG spotlight

2023 key findings

How UK organisations are tackling environmental,
social and governance (ESG) issues

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Why do more and more UK organisations want to achieve less waste, less carbon and less inequality? What are they doing to make that happen? And what is holding them back?


We partnered with Censuswide to survey over 1,200 UK workers, from decision makers to junior staff, as well as 1,000 general consumers to find out.


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ESG is good for business

Aside from it being the right thing to do, there are many good business
reasons to focus on social and environmental issues.


of consumers say a company’s commitment to ESG influences their buying decisions



are more likely to support a company whose products or services have a tangible social impact



are influenced by a company’s transparency about its carbon footprint and environmental impact


Are UK organisations getting it right?

The perception


of UK organisations believe their ESG goals at least partially align with their customers’ expectations


The reality


of consumers believe companies are taking significant action on social and environmental issues


There’s plenty of
progress to celebrate


of organisations have an established ESG strategy






want to make ESG advancements happen faster


But plenty of hurdles
to overcome too


are concerned about their ability to move quickly


say economic issues are holding back their efforts

1 in 4

organisations don't have an ESG strategy at all


What else is holding progress back?


Lack of

Prioritising other things

Difficulty measuring

Financial constraints


What needs to change?


of respondents say ESG initiatives need more government support






feel they need more or better technology to meet their ESG goals


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