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Creating a better experience for customers and employees

Creating a better experience for customers and employees

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03rd August 2023

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Homebase wanted to both improve its service to customers and help team members work together in-store more easily.


Fast, reliable connectivity throughout the stores allows its systems to run smoothly and deliver the no-hassle, efficient quality of service that customers expect.

The challenge

Homebase needed to improve network connectivity across its 153 UK stores.


  • Team members required fast, reliable connectivity to support in-store Wi-Fi and apps, such as the click and collect service
  • Connectivity had to be available for Team members as well as customers
  • Ageing telephony systems needed replacing

The solution: a wide area network

The team at Homebase gave us the challenge to upgrade their infrastructure and connectivity, providing a faster, more stable network across all stores while helping them to reduce their costs.


We upgraded the wide area network for all Homebase stores, connecting stores, depots and offices with new circuits and routers. This ultimately supported the company’s in-store Wi-Fi networks, switch upgrades and back-office systems, including easy, secure access for all team members and customers.


Now team members can easily access the systems to meet customer requests and search for stock using their own devices from virtually anywhere on-site. And the click and collect system allows them to instantly call up customers’ orders and provide them on the spot.


We replaced the traditional telephony systems in stores with a more modern, flexible, reliable IP (internet protocol) system, which also helped reduce costs.


And we even provided security and support monitoring across all network infrastructure, including routers to make sure any potential issues are dealt with as fast as possible.


‘Working with Virgin Media O2 Business is very much a partnership, and we know that we've got an augmented partner rather than a customer supplier relationship. When we need something, we can just pick up the phone and we know that somebody will be there.’

The outcome: better connected team members, customers and stores

Thanks to its new wide area network, Homebase now enjoys:


  • Fast, secure in-store Wi-Fi
  • Better connectivity between stores, offices and depots for access to the data centre, core systems and cloud services
  • Ability to use apps for team member devices to help find and deliver stock using the existing store database
  • Easy connectivity thanks to numerous access points
  • Faster, more efficient click and collect system
  • Managed support services to optimise delivery and reduce downtime
  • Improved service creating more customer loyalty

“We're very pleased with the stability of the solution. I can’t even remember the last time I had a major issue with anything going wrong with the network.”


Darrin Knowles, IT Operations Manager, Homebase


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