Access all your digital collaboration
and mobile recordings in a single,
easy to use portal

What is Unified recording?

Unified Recording is a secure, scalable and hosted recording service that can help you meet regulatory requirements, reduce costs and improve business performance.


Record, review and audit calls and texts from your O2 mobile devices, SIP Trunking service and collaboration tools, whether that's Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Cisco Webex.


All from our highly secure portal where you can easily search for keywords, create alerts and analyse every call.




Support in meeting your compliance obligations


Increase efficiency with transcriptions


Reduce dispute resolution time


Improve coaching, training and workflows


Gain customer insights with sentiment analysis


Support in meeting Health and Safety requirements


How can Unified recording help you?

“We need to stay compliant across all our communication channels.”

Bringing everything together in one place helps you audit and meet FCA, EBA & MiFID II regulatory requirements across multiple types of communication, from mobile to SIP Trunking to Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Zoom. It even covers SMS messages.


“I want to better protect my customers and staff during disputes”

Vulnerable employees or those in high-risk and high-pressure environments need to know you’ve got them covered. If a customer dispute arises, Unified Recording allows you to record and audit every call or text so you can give them the reassurances they need and ensure they feel supported.


“Now more than ever, we need to find ways to reduce costs”

Unified Recording eliminates legacy call recording hardware and maintenance costs as well as the expense associated with time-consuming manual note taking. And because Unified Recording helps you meet compliance regulations, you can avoid unexpected fines.


“I want to find ways to save time and increase productivity”

Thanks to the secure portal and powerful AI, it’s quicker and easier to access recordings, set compliance alerts and find key or code words without spending hours searching.


“I want to be able to further improve business performance”

Easily gather information for your own reports to optimise your workflows, identify key customer challenges or comments and use call insights to make improvements to onboarding programmes and training.


Why choose Unified Recording from
Virgin Media O2 Business?


Everything in one place

With Unified Recording you can access all your mobile and digital collaboration recordings, all in one place and bring together everything in one bill.


Best of both worlds

Our combined fixed and mobile network expertise means our customers benefit from a unique understanding of the technology involved


Cloud managed and hassle-free

We’ll cover all updates and upgrades so you don’t need to worry about management or maintenance yourself.



How does Unified Recording help me meet compliance requirements?

Unified Recording Service has been designed specifically to you meet your commitments and requirements with regards recording interactions under MiFID II with their regulator, usually the FCA (Financial Conducts Authority) and/or the EBA (European Banking Authority).

How long with recordings be stored for?

Recordings will be stored for 90 days for SMB Light audio, up to seven years for FCA/EBA regulated customers and requirements. Unlimited audio recordings are included whilst in a contract.

Who will be able to access recordings?

Only your administrator or their designated users can access and review recordings through your own assigned secure portal.

Can I have Mobile Recording and Collaboration Recording for the same user at the same time?

Yes. You can have multiple recording points for any user.

What can I record with Unified Recording?

With Unified Recording you can record O2 mobile calls and SMS, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Zoom audio and video and even record from your SIP Trunking service.


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